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ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag Review

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag Review


Model: 3600018



    • Made of durable Nylon Ripstop fabric, giving you a long lasting use in the harshest weather environments
    • Organize your gear in one of the many pockets: two side accessory hinged pockets, main, front and spotting scope pocket
    • Keep your essentials close with accommodation for clip-style holster, drop-down rifle pocket and hydration pocket and port
    • Detach your bag and use the frame to haul out meat with a unique, secure lashing system
    • Total Weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz., Bag Weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz., Size: 5250 cu. in.



3600018 Reviews

“Awesome Pack – Definitely Worth The Cash And that I Proved It The Hard Way”

I utilized my sisters account to order this for a 2-week solo expedition in the Colorado high country that only stopped. I used it over 80 kilometers of bowhunting and fishing between 10,500 and 13,000 feet. It wasn’t a frill item but something essential for my survival and this review is based on usage in extreme, extended conditions. Im a dude – 67andquot; and 270 lbs. And my base pack coming out of a food cache has been around 96 lbs. So, the pack had to deal with quite heavy loads also it needed to deal. I really could tell the pins/straps would have given way if I had continued the method of placing it on with those heaps, so I had to start putting it on sitting down and standing up beneath it. The plan is great and I cant ding it for anything. I wish they included a pack cover or had used a watertight material. It has ZERO waterproof qualities. Ive read the reviews and I cant know where they are coming from. 1 light rain and my 95+ lb. Pack turned into a 120 pounds. Pack despite taking other measures to protect from the rain and packing my rain gear. Im not taking points but it sure could have been beware if they are listening to the reviewers claiming fantastic use. Fantastic pack, particularly for the cash, and it held under two weeks of extremely use with no breakdowns. How do you beat this for your cash?

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag Review | 3600018 Review


“Plenty Of Thought Went Into This Pack…”

That is remarkable value for the money. . .We had a little problem with one of the ones we ordered (they had sewed the belt on upside down) but, as always, Amazon handled the return fast and professionally and the two we have couldnt be better made.These packs aren’t only well made but exceptionally well thought out in many ways…The capacity to carry a rifle or axe or tent poles on the side is great. So that whatever you are carrying wont wear a hole at the side of the bunch it even has rough patches. The straps can be snugged up tight to hold your items set up but have quick-release buckles so that you can get to your rifle fast.It is a HUGE pack that can carry far more than you probably need to haul.The shelf is sturdy and can take a lot of weight should you convert the bunch to cache hauling mode.The tie-down straps for cache–hauling are strong and easy to use (there are even two wings on each side to help stabilize your load).There is an adjustable crossbar on the top for procuring things on the cover of the package… I found that it kept knocking my head but then I adjusted it and it’s fine now… but if you strap matters to the top of your pack such as pads, wet equipment, etc. youll like that… it also makes it easier to hang your pack up on a tree.The pockets on this mother are large and handy, most have tie-down webbing on them and as they are so big, you have the choice of carrying bulkier items such as water bottles and stoves in them.The hip and shoulder belts are very well cushioned, flexible even for large men like me and are extremely comfortable.The belt has a few good-sized pouches onto it and a webbing loop on each side for attaching a sidearm which is a HUGE benefit in my book!The only things that I would change is that it has one large compartment in it… top and bottem pockets have drawstring separators in them and you are able to get into either the top of the bottom of the compartment from the outside… some people today prefer this kind of set-up especially if you are hauling larger or bulkier items. However, I grew up with the backpacks that were separated into an attic and a basement so Im used to organizing my gear that manner. This is on no account a problem, just a personal preference.I would also recommend that you eliminate the small rings that hold the hooks (that grip the pack to the frame) and replace them with some small hitch pins so you are able to convert the pack to cache mode more readily. I bought a nice little assortment here on Amazon (Tradespro 835808 Hitch Pin Assortment, 150-Piece), it has several sizes so that you can choose what works best for you once you have cold fingers… ;-)When you found this review helpful, hit the yes button… or even contact me and Ill answer any questions you have about this big, ol monster of a backpack!Happy Camping!

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag Review | 3600018 Review