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Mongoose men’s Dolomite Fat Tire Bike, Blue, 26 inch Review

Mongoose men’s Dolomite Fat Tire Bike, Blue, 26 inch Review


Model: R4144



    • Mongoose Supersized 26″ X 4″ all terrain knobby tires. Dual disc brakes provide all-condition braking
    • Alloy 4″ wide wheel set with disc brakes
    • 7 speed gearing with Shimano rear derailleur
    • 3 piece crank. Twist shifters change gears easily
    • Threadless headset for easy adjustability and lightweight



R4144 Reviews

“Great Bike, Great Price. No Way In The World I Would Pay Over $1000 For A Fat Tire Bike When This Monster Is Available For 1/3Rd”

This bike is awesome. To start with, this isnt some $1500+, lightweight elaborate pants bike. If that is what you’re looking for then why are you currently really looking at a $300 bike in the first location. This bike is tough and sturdy, it’s some weight to it but that’s because its solid. I ordered this bike on a Sunday morning and it arrived on Tuesday morning. Talk about fast delivery. The box had a few dings and small tears but nothng that worried me. Taking the bike out of the box, it was pleasant to see is was really secure. No loose pieces, everything tied and wrapped together. Assemble was a breeze. The rear wheel is currently on. Installing the front wheel was simple but take your own time. This was the very first time that I ever worked with disc brakes on a bike and it took a second to get everything to line up. The handle bars only needed aligning and tightening, pedals were correctly marked with arrows indication which side and way to tighten, and the chair was immediately installed. FINE TUNING. The back gears and back brake were already great and didnt need any adjustment. The front wheel failed. The rotor was dragging against the pads large time. It took me around 5 minutes to loosen and then fix front caliper to acquire the proper alignment and then adjust the pads so the wheel turned publicly. No big deal, it is possible to figure it out if you have an inkling of mechanical knowledge. Now prepared to broadcast the tires. Make sure you’ve got an electrical pump. I place 30psi in each tire using an hand pump and has been drained. These tires are enormous. FIRST RIDE. The brakes will need some fixing later. Just because they’re disc brakes, you will not stop on a dime but the wheels are very powerful and a lot better than the old style. There’s a whole lot of street noise from the tires. Wasnt expecting that but can totally understand it. Twist gear change functions great, uphill climbs are a slice of cake in high gear, mid range is excellent for cruising. Easily completed 6 mile trip first workout with no difficulties. WHAT IVE NOTICED. I am 64. 295 lbs. The bike says its rated for 250 pounds but it doesn’t mind the extra 45 pounds in any way. I felt that the hand grips were too small, not big enough around to grip comfortably. The ideal grip can also be a half traction since if the shifter. I did inadvertanely change grears two or three times by accident because my hands are large. A trip to the bicycle shop and a fresh pair of larger grips with paddles on the finish fixed that. Rolled the factory grips off and set up the new ones. I loosened the right brake lever and gear selecter and moved them further in so today both grips are total size. Shifting gears and braking is no problem and the brand new grips are much more comfortable. The factory pedals felt quite small to mepersonally, not broad enough. Bought some BMX pedals which were about an inch and a half wider and finally have a very business platform when pedaling. There are just two reflectors on the back frame. My right foot kept hitting one. It needed to go. The only thing I think I might do now if watch if I cant get handlebars which appear a little higher. Because I ahd the seat so tall, I am leaned over more than I enjoy. Only a comfort thing. I changed out the seat with a broader one trigger my butt is wider also but the mill seat is very nice. PUBLIC REACTION. Get ready to answer questions once you go out. THis bike gets the stares from everyone. Ive had people pull up next to me in automobiles and ask me exactly what it is. It pulls a crowd and thus don’t leave it unsecure. I even had an argument where among those people who spend all the huge money on road bikes and wear the bicycle shorts and race championships was criticizing my bicycle as not being a real bike. He left in a huff once I pointed out my bicycle didnt cost a house payment, I can go anywhere he could go but he cant do the same and I get more of a workout making those huge ass tires move compared to his skinny ones. I have not seen another Fat Tire Bike in which I live, it very unique. I believe that you will love the bike should you purchase it. Just know you’re purchasing a Mongoose and not a Cannondale. Ride it and have fun, just like it was designed for.

Mongoose men’s Dolomite Fat Tire Bike, Blue, 26 inch Review | R4144 Review