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Rolling Sands 24oz Drink Bottles Charcoal (10 Pack) Review

Rolling Sands 24oz Drink Bottles Charcoal (10 Pack) Review


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    • Set Of 10 Bottles
    • BPA Free, Made With PET, The Safest Plastic In Drinkware
    • Recyclable, Hand Wash Only
    • Made In The USA With FDA Approved Materials
    • Lead Free, HR4040/CPSIA Certified, CA Prop 65 Compliant



Product Reviews

“Perfect Solution”

I had a issue with orchestra members using coloured water bottles on stage at a concert and that I needed to look for black ones, which was not easy. When I found a few, they were super expensive and I wanted 30 (they were $8 – $20 each!) . At this cost, they looked uniform and they worked just fine, no leaking. Everybody was happy. I would recommend these. I dont know if theyre good for banging and using always, but nearly nothing is. These are a good price, BPA complimentary (and would you believe the orchestra people really asked about that??) Plus they weren’t crazy looking. I like them and urge them. Id buy them from this vendor, if I needed them. And I am a man who does a LOT of research. Dont stress, these are just fine!

Rolling Sands 24oz Drink Bottles Charcoal (10 Pack) Review | B00BQN1W66 Review


“Great Bottle For Cost”

Great price. Good seal on bottle – I can take it in my computer bag. Mouth is large enough to add ice cubes. Vinyl doesnt seem to stain with juice or taste additives.Plastic is somewhat brittle, so you can just squeeze so hard. Vinyl is also very thin, so contents warm up quickly. Popup nozzle functions, but has a tendency to retract after every squirt.Works nicely for me. I use it as workout water bottle and choose one when traveling to fill up after airport security. At $3/bottle I dont need to worry about losing it or giving it up at the TSA line.

Rolling Sands 24oz Drink Bottles Charcoal (10 Pack) Review | B00BQN1W66 Review


“Fantastic Color Spread And Very helpful For The Single Handed Athlete Or The Lazy Couch Surfer”

These water bottles were present bag items to get a kids birthday which people gave away and were a big hit as we went to an indoor rock climbing like sports park with the kids. They held up pretty well to wear and the colours were good on the bottles. The tops fit nicely but after a few washes some of these had tiny leaks as well as the pull top mouth bits always seem to wear out if from only use or just as they’re only good quality all around. But that aside the children loved them and I kept a few to use while I was at the gym or running a 10k or doing cross match for 3 months, or merely sitting at home playing video games which is the way they have used. But I guess if you are into that type of thing they would be great as you can open them handed such as bombing down one track on a mountain bike or even much more likely if you dont want to put down the remote for your tv but need some hydration. They’re also great to give the kids in their room so that you dont have to take care of a giant messy spill of kool aid or something since they stay closed easily.

Rolling Sands 24oz Drink Bottles Charcoal (10 Pack) Review | B00BQN1W66 Review